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Our Mission

Project Happy is a New Hampshire non-profit founded by recent UNH grads. We are on a mission to help make young people's lives happier and more connected, through simplifying and improving the student community involvement & volunteering process.

Data Privacy and Data Security

Project Happy has the right to use all data provided by users for any lawful purpose. Our intent is to provide a strong student & nonprofit organization user experience while collecting the bare minimum amount of information. This is to minimize the risk of compromising information. For the student's profile, the first and last name, school name, a chosen password, a personal email address*, and year of graduation** are collected. In addition, to find nearby service opportunities, a student must enter their zip code. In order to generate reports for college admissions, graduation requirements, etc., we record data related to service work planned/completed. As for data sharing, we do not share any personal information with any organization outside of our network EXCEPT for a student's name, email address, and selected day/time the student signed up for, with the nonprofit once a student signs up to volunteer. This information is shared with nonprofits once a student signs up, so they are aware of who's coming, and can also then verify that the student's hours are correct. We employ physical, administrative, and technical safeguards designed to promote the security of our systems and protect the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and resilience of personal information. Those safeguards include: the pseudonymization and encryption of personal information where we deem appropriate; taking steps to back up personal information; mandatory parent permission form completion for highschool students; and periodic testing, assessment, and evaluation of the effectiveness of our safeguards. However, no method of safeguarding information is completely secure. While we use measures designed to protect personal information, we cannot guarantee that our safeguards will be effective or sufficient. In addition, you should be aware that data transmission via the Internet is not always secure, and we cannot warrant that the information you transmit utilizing the Properties is or will be secure. If Project Happy learns of a systems security breach, we may attempt to notify you electronically so that you can take appropriate protective steps. By using Project Happy's platform, you agree that we may communicate with you electronically. We may post a notice on this website if a security breach occurs. We may also send an email to you at the email address you have provided to us. Parents and/or student users can request deletion of all of their collected data at any time, by emailing with the subject line “Delete my Student Data”. This will however permanently delete all of the students' hours tracked and information for school requirements and college applications. Data is retained with the purpose of enabling students to manage and track their volunteering, as well as aggregate reporting and tool improvement purposes.

Terms of Conditions

Project Happy is free of charge for students, schools, and nonprofits. We built this platform to empower students to get involved in their community, and we believe the best way to truly achieve this is to have our resource be completely free for students, schools, and our partner nonprofit organizations. Under the ethos that it shouldn't cost money to do local good. Project Happy is registered as a 501c3 nonprofit and is supported by grants, sponsorships, and other donations. We are very selective with our sponsors and other partners. It is very important to us that they share our vision of prioritizing students. We offer this free service “as is,” with the intent of helping young people build stronger connections in our communities. Users assume all risks related to this service. We are not responsible for any actions taken by either party (student, school, or nonprofit organization), we are simply a bridge between the student looking to volunteer and an organization who can use their help. We encourage students under 18 years of age to review this document with their parent(s) or guardian(s). By using “Project Happy”, the student agrees to the terms of use, data privacy and security policies. Use of this application by students under 14 years of age is strictly prohibited. This service (and related policies) are subject to change as we add features, resources, etc. We are always working to improve here at Project Happy, and we reserve the right to modify this policy at any time (please review it periodically to learn of updates).

Links to Other Website

The Project Happy website may contain links to websites of public, private, and nonprofit organizations. When you follow a link to another website, you leave the website and your website interactions are no longer protected by the Project Happy Privacy Policy. Project Happy is not responsible for, and does not endorse the privacy or security practices and content of websites to which our site links. Project Happy's privacy and other web policies do not apply to these third-party websites and we encourage you to read the policies of the third-party website when deciding whether to use it.

* emails to school accounts are often blocked by firewalls
** a student's access is removed upon graduation

PH + NH High School Relationship, One Pager

"Project Happy has received guidance from legal counsel that if school districts are only informingparents/students that Project Happy exists and what it does/offers for services, and not sharing personally identifiable student information with Project Happy, there is no need for Project Happy to enter into student data privacy agreements (SDPAs) with districts or for districts to obtain parental consent to disclose student information (as no information would be disclosed)".

- A Renowned Privacy & General Student Law Expert

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